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Homeowner association administration

RESIDEA currently serves more than 50 owner associations by handling the technical and commercial administration of their property.

With transparent business processes, expert and service-oriented employees, and innovative approaches, we not only provide modern property management but also represent owners’  interests across the board with respect to minimizing costs and raising value. Our experienced administrators and our own 15-member technical team ensure the quality of our work.

Our services for owner associations:

  • transparent and reliable administration of collective property
  • convening and conducting owner association meetings in our distinguished conference rooms
  • individual high-quality clerical work
  • generating dues and utility statements, budget plans etc.
  • regular property inspections
  • contact with agencies and external consultants (building regulation authorities, architects, notaries etc.)
  • qualified planning, implementation and monitoring of requisite repair and maintenance work

We look forward to hearing from you, and will be pleased to provide detailed information on how we can support your owner association.